Saturday, September 10, 2016

Small Scene

One week from today Savannah will be live. Here is a small scene to tide you over until then.

June 1861
Knoxville, TN

“Do you hate us that much?” his mother cried.
“No,” Phillip replied as he buttoned the last button on his jacket
“Then why did you join the Confederate Army?” his father asked. “Everyone in town is asking your mother and I what is wrong.”
“Nothing is wrong,” Phillip said, turning around to face his parents, “this is my decision.”
“I can’t believe you joined the enemy,” his father remarked. “You fought to end slavery, and now you are joining the fight to keep it.”
“That’s not the reason I joined the Confederate Army,” Phillip said as he gathered his things.
“Grace is probably rolling over in her grave right now,” his mother said.
“If Grace was alive, you won’t even think about fighting,” his father said.
“But she’s not alive,” Phillip whispered. “She died.”
“But if she wouldn’t have…” his mother started.
“Grace is dead!” Phillip yelled glancing back at his parents. “I joined the Confederate Army and you will just have to deal with it.”
“I’ll cut you off,” his father warned.
“Do what you have to,” Phillip said. “My company is heading out, so I need to go.”
“I can’t believe you’re leaving let alone, fighting,” his mother cried. “Promise me, you will come home.”
“Mother, I’m going to war,” Phillip said. “There is a good chance, I won’t make it back.”
“Please try,” his mother begged.
“I’ll try,” he promised.
He hugged his parents before leaving the house. He didn’t tell them that he hoped he didn’t come home. It would cause his mother more worry and he couldn’t hurt her like that. He hoped his parents would understand one day why he couldn’t stay here. The day Grace died was the day his world ended. He’d been walking around in a haze and this war would provide him with an escape route.
This war would not be easy and would last longer than anyone predicted, but he was okay with it. He needed a distraction from Grace.