Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book 6 has a title

Since I'm about halfway through writing book 6, I decided to reveal the title and blurb. The title is Slay the Demon and the blurb is below. It is already up on goodreads so you can add it to your TBR list. I do not have a publishing date in mind yet, but I am looking at early 2017.

In 2003, the unthinkable happened- a mass shooting at the local high school. The events of that day will cast a long shadow over the small town of Briar Wall. Kimberly Wilson, one of the surviving victims of that mass shooting, will forever be changed from that one event. She decides to start her own organization, Slay the Demon, to help other victims of mass shootings deal with their inner demons.

In 2016, on the thirteenth anniversary, history repeats itself and another shooter will throw the town back in the shadows. This time instead of the high school, the shooter’s target is the elementary school. Matthew Oliver felt relief when he saw that Maggie was okay. He quickly realized that Maggie was only physically okay. Mentally, she was still trapped with the shooter. He will have to learn how to trust someone’s treatment of his daughter.

Together, Kimberly and Matt will work to unlock Maggie’s mind and free her from the terror of that morning. As they come closer to helping Maggie, lines will be blurred and crossed. Is their attraction passing or will it lead to more?