Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Courtney is now available in ebook, paperback, and hardback.

I am also working on my 4th book. It is called Lily and will be Book 2 of the Sorority Sisters Duet. Courtney's best friend, Lily, will take center stage in this one. Here is the blurb for Lily.

Lily Baron’s best friend is getting married. She is the owner of Lilian’s Occasions, one of the best event planning firms in Atlanta. It’s her job to make sure Courtney gets everything she wants to make her wedding day is special. There is only one problem, Courtney’s older brother.

Eric Worth’s baby sister is getting married to his best friend. Due to their mother’s lack of enthusiasm, he is paying for the wedding. He wants to make sure everything is perfect for Courtney. He’s upset when Courtney informs him she’s already hired Lily as her wedding planner without his help. Attraction flares between them as they debate over wedding details.  

If they are to make Courtney’s wedding one-of-a kind, Lily and Eric will have to join forces. Will these two independent people come together to create Courtney’s dream wedding? Or will they explode before she walks down the aisle?