Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Since I'm in the final chapters of Falling for Cody, I decided to share the blurb. It is not a sequel to Slay the Demon but it has the same characters. Slay the Demon is Matt and Kimberly's book while Falling for Cody is Cody and April's book. Don't forget to mark your calendars for March 1 for Slay the Demon. Also both books are on Goodreads if you want you add them to your TBR.
Falling for Cody Blurb

Losing her father in the line of duty had April Meyers wary of getting i...nvolved with a police officer. She works as a waitress in her mother’s diner to help out. All she wants is her car to get her back and forth to work and to pay her bills. One man is determined to shake up her life in more ways than she would ever imagine.

Cody Hill is more than his uniform. He has experienced the difficulties of being a police officer, but choses to remain positive. He is good at his job even though he faces the stuff of other people’s nightmares. One of the highlights of his day is going to the diner to flirt with his favorite blonde waitress. To his amazement, April agrees to one date with him.

There is more than mere attraction between April and Cody, but she is scared. She can’t lose another man to his job, so she backs away. Now it’s up to Cody to show April, he is more than a man in uniform. He is a man in love.