Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Blurb and Title

Okay since I can't wait until Monday I'm posting this today. The title for my new book is Savannah. Don't forget to add it to your goodreads Here is the blurb as well.

In the wake of reconstruction, tensions are still high throughout the former Confederate States as they rejoin the Union and heal. Women are in mourning and former soldiers are slowly finding their way home from the battlefields and prisons.

As a former Confederate prisoner of war, Phillip Anderson is on his way out west when he is forced to stop in the sleepy town of Savannah, Tennessee. Longing for a fresh start in St. Louis, he takes a job to make the money he needs to cross the Tennessee River. The town is the same as all the other towns he’s passed through on his journey west. What he doesn’t expect to find is a widow who is secretly still mad at her husband for dying.

Rachel married Colton Williams at the tender age of sixteen. Losing Colton at the Battle of Shiloh less than a year later filled her with anger. As the war comes to its devastating end, she finds the anger is still lodged in her heart. Every displaced soldier journeying through town tugs at her heartstrings as she tries to heal along with the nation. What she didn’t expect was one of those passing soldiers to find out about her anger at her dead husband.

Phillip and Rachel have both experienced extreme loss, but life has a way of healing even the deepest hurt and anger.

Two broken souls meeting in the dusty streets of