Friday, October 11, 2013


Okay so I hate having to write a blurb or summary for the back of the book. I wanted to tell so much but also keep the secrets. It is a delicate balance and one that I feel like I do not do very well. Thanks to some help from my lovely editor, Jody. I love the blurb for The Woman Behind the Letters. I have a date in mind for publishing but it is still up in the air. I will let everyone know closer to time as I get deeper into the story. I do not want to rush it and have the story line suffer. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Here is the blurb.

In April of 1861, Kathryn’s life was forever changed. She stood by and watched as Benjamin, the man she loved, left for war. She was his constant anchor by providing him her support and love through letters. Their relationship stood through the first years of the war as she prayed for his safe return home. One battlefield in Pennsylvania would bring about a change in Benjamin to someone she didn’t know, someone who would break her heart.

Thaddeus Morgan is the President of the local bank and one of the few men who did not march into battle. He thought it best to stay with his mother after the unexpected passing of his father. When an illness strikes, he offers Kathryn a position at his bank while she waits for Benjamin to return. He is the perfect gentleman, making sure she is alright after her world comes crashing down.

How will Kathryn pick up the pieces of her life once the war is over? Will she forever be broken hearted? Will she move on? Or will she fade away like the life she used to have before the war?