Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank you for visiting my page. I just published my first book Cursed Soldier on August 27. You can find it in hardback, paperback, kindle, and nook. Below are the links for each site. I would also like to encourage everyone to review once you finish reading it. Reviews are the biggest way to get a book noticed by potiental buyers. One review could mean the difference.
I will be posting updates for upcoming books, teasers, and scenes on here along with my facebook page. I am already working on my next book which is still untitled at the moment. I do not have a publishing date in mind at the moment. Stay tuned for upcoming news on it. The new book will be set in Atlanta and the main characters' names are Eric Worth and Lilian Baron.
Here is a small scene with these two, enjoy.
"Why don't you ever call me Lily?"
"Because it reminds me of a lily and those are stupid flowers."
"They also happen to be my favorite."
"Well you are not a flower so I'm not calling you Lily."
"Everyone else does including your sister."
"So, what does your boyfriend call you?"
"...So the man that you have been dating a year calls you Lily like all your other friends?"
"Yea why?"
"If I was with you, you would only be Lilian."
"Well its a good thing that I'm not with you since I liked to be called Lily."
"Well that's because you haven't had me whisper Lilian in your ear."
"Eric, we agreed to be friends."
"Yes we did but that isn't stopping me from trying to convince you otherwise."
"My friends call me Lily."
"I guess I'm not really your friend then, Lilian."
Here are the links for Cursed Soldier.